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Advantage Flea Control for Cats & Dogs Single dose & 4 dose packs from


Advantage topical one month flea control safely and quickly kills fleas on your pet and breaks the life cycle.
Advantage, applied once each month, kills fleas on your cat or dog fast and breaks the flea life cycle.
Advantage is easy to apply - you simply squeeze the pre-measured dose onto the back of your pet's neck. Advantage then spreads through the coat, remaining in the oily layer of the skin, where it is effective against fleas all month long. Best of all, fleas don't have to bite your pet to be affected, so with Advantage your pet suffers less of those painful flea bites.

Single doses can be sent by post. Packets will be sent by courier.

The top 3 benefits of Advantage

1) Fast relief from painful bites
Stops fleas biting in 3-5 minutes
Advantage kills fleas on contact - they don't have to bite

2) Prevents development of further fleas
Kills 98%-100% of fleas before they lay eggs
Prevents infestation if your treated pet comes into contact with other pets with fleas
Kills adult fleas and flea larvae within 20 minutes of contact

3) Long-lasting and easy to use
Drop Advantage on the back of your pet to protect them from fleas for 4 weeks