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Indorex Fogger & Target Spray From


One flea on your pet means that there is likely a pile in your carpet! When 95% of fleas are living in your environment, then you need a long lasting solution.
Indorex provides up to 12 months protection from emerging fleas and breaks the flea life cycle for up to 12 months.
** Kills Fleas
** Kills Flea Eggs
** Kills Flea Larvae

Gets to places in the environment that topical treatments can't always reach such as carpets, bedding and underneath furniture.

Indorex Fogger - Each fogger will treat up to 40m square metres.

Indorex Target - should be used to spray directly into any areas that the fogger many not be able to reach (under beds etc) and to intensely treat areas that may be heavily infested.

Contains pyriproxifen, permethrin, and piperonyl butoxide.